VSTbuzz – The Showroom Violin (KONTAKT)

Publisher : VSTbuzz
Website : vstbuzz
Format : KONTAKT 5.6.5+
Quality : 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo


Description : The Showroom Violin is a great library of violin solo samples, including 14 individual articulations and 5 different microphone positions.
It’s an incredibly flexible and beautiful instrument that can easily stand out in a track on its own, making it ideal for composers of films, games and TV, pop, rock and more!
The Showroom Violin offers 5 completely different microphone positions to choose from. Load all or just some of them to create a drier / more processed sound as desired.
Along with a range of microphone positions, we’ve also included 18 beautiful IR reverbs to choose from, ranging from rooms and halls to cameras and arenas.

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Have Fun 🙂