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kiloHearts – Toolbox Ultimate Slate Digital bundle 1.8.6 VST, VST3, VSTi, AAX x64

Date of Release : 11.2020
Version : 1.8.6
Developer : kiloHearts Developer
site : kilohearts
Format : VST, VSTi, VST3, AAX
Bit depth : 64bit

System requirements : Windows 7+, cpu: 2 GHz or faster, mem: 1 GB or more
kiloHearts - Toolbox Ultimate Slate Digital bundle

Description : The last step of a long journey …
Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE includes everything for additional host features to take full advantage of the benefits that you now own. Experience the flexibility of endless combinations between effects and host plugins!

kiloHearts - Toolbox Ultimate Slate Digital bundle
Kilohearts plugins still support a modular workflow (except kHs ONE). That’s why we created the ULTIMATE Kilohearts Toolbox, which gives you everything we’ve ever released so you can express yourself in different ways.
Explore hundreds of professional factory presets in these plugins from various professional masters from around the world before you start modifying and creating your own.
kiloHearts - Toolbox Ultimate Slate Digital bundle

Carve EQ.dll
kHs 3-Band EQ.dll
kHs Bitcrush.dll
kHs Chorus.dll
kHs Comb Filter.dll
kHs Compressor.dll
kHs Delay.dll
kHs Distortion.dll
kHs Ensemble.dll
kHs Filter.dll
kHs Flanger.dll
kHs Formant Filter.dll
kHs Frequency Shifter.dll
kHs Gain.dll
kHs Gate.dll
kHs Haas.dll
kHs Ladder Filter.dll
kHs Limiter.dll
kHs ONE.dll
kHs Phase Distortion.dll
kHs Phaser.dll
kHs Pitch Shifter.dll
kHs Resonator.dll
kHs Reverb.dll
kHs Reverser.dll
kHs Ring Mod.dll
kHs Stereo.dll
kHs Tape Stop.dll
kHs Trance Gate.dll
kHs Transient Shaper.dll
Phase Plant.dll
Slice EQ.dll
Snap Heap.dll

New in version
Kilohearts has announced the launch of Content Banks, a new format that can contain presets for all Kilohearts software as well as samples, wavetables, and LFO shapes in a single, easy to install file.


Added support for installing & loading content bank files with presets, samples, etc.
Added support for searchable tags in preset descriptions.
Added tags to all Phase Plant, Multipass, and Snap Heap factory presets.
Added factory presets to all Snapins.
Added “Go to Folder” in preset browser context menu.
Made subfolders visible in file list section of browsers.
Fixed a problem with text entry not always working properly on boolean parameters.
Fixed a visual glitch in text edit boxes causing the cursor to misalign.
Fixed a visual glitch that sometimes made the cursor in text edit boxes visible when it shouldn’t be.
Fixed a problem where text edit boxes sometimes did not update properly when entering out of range values.
Fixed some more issues with the “preset edited” asterisk popping up when it shouldn’t. You rascal.
Fixed a problem causing plugins to fail to load in Harrison Mixbus on Mac.
Fixed a problem with mouse dragging knobs etc. would be slower than it should.

Phase Plant

Made the fade handles in WT editor tools movable across the whole range.
Fixed Unison and Loop panels not being greyed out when a generator was disabled.
Fixed a problem where loop points wouldn’t always be copied properly when duplicating a sampler.
Fixed hanging notes that could occur when sustain pedal is released in monophonic mode.
Fixed Analog oscillator using a lot of CPU with some unison modes, in particular Pitch Stack.
Fixed DC offset problem in Analog sawtooth oscillator for high Shift values.
Tiny alignment fix in Wavetable generator display to make exactly 2 cycles of the waveform visible.
Tweaked browser icon margins in LFO and Sampler area.
Fixed a bug where undo / redo for parameters loaded from samples in Sampler did not work properly.
Fixed aliasing in the sampler when using certain unison modes
Added error messages for failing to import samples in the Wavetable editor, as well as a limit on sample length to avoid bad behavior on too big samples.


Added a percent “fade” mode in addition to the current decibel “trim” mode.


Fixed clicks at the beginning of a voice when used on a poly lane in Phase Plant in Sine, Hardclip and Quantize modes and with Bias or Spread turned up.


Fixed a problem where band splits could be processed incorrectly by the DSP after loading a preset.


Fixed UI refresh problems on Mac making waveform selectors not update properly.
Fixed a problem where it would create an empty ‘kiloHearts’ folder in the user’s AppData.


Tweaked preset area layout to avoid some size glitches


Fixed bad UI scaling behavior on Windows High DPI screens.
Fixed zero velocity not being properly treated as note off.

Phase Plant

Added multiple Unison modes, allowing both more control of regular Unison as well as additional creative and chord Unison modes.
Added support for Unison on the Sample generator module.
Added “Normalize Global Peak” and “Normalize Frame Peak” fixes in the Wavetable Editor
Added “Center” and “Range” knobs to the Note modulator allow tweaking of the range
Reworked the layout of the generator modules to give more space to the displays, and hide away complexity when not used.
Fixed a problem that caused modulation envelopes to not get retriggered at the correct times in monophonic patches.
Fixed a problem where Gain and Mix was not modulated properly on Poly lanes.
Fixed a problem where browsers would not understand files with the wrong extension case.
Fixed a layout issue that could cause the status bar to go off-screen when the preset browser is open.

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